Celebrating 30 years at 74 High Street, Caterham

In 1984 74 High Street Caterham Hill changed its use from being the local chemist shop to becoming a carpet shop, quite a different challenge.

Because of its potion and age, outwardly the building has changed very little in all this time, inside, however is a different story. Despite there being no room for extensions, the amount of choice, in all areas of flooring, accommodated at the premises is quite remarkable. And there is a free car park for the shop, at the rear, to make for a carefree visit with plenty of browsing time.

The shop is run by Neil Hammond, who was once a ‘Saturday Boy’ for a previous owner and now has 27 years flooring experience across the board. The whole team are an extremely hard working, happy and friendly group, always ready to go that extra mile to advise and fulfil your requirements and dreams.

So, Neil and his team would like to say “Thank You” to each and every one of he loyal customers who have helped the business to thrive and “Well done” to all concerned for making celebrating 30 years on one of our local High Streets possible, not an easy achievement in this day and age. They all look forward to continuing to serve you well into the future.

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